Backing up your site

Watch Movie Backing up your site

 Changing control panel password

Watch Movie Changing control panel password

 Creating a POP email account in CPanel

Watch Movie Creating a POP email account

 Creating a default (catchall) email account

Watch Movie Creating a default (catchall) email account

 Creating a subdomain

Watch Movie Creating a subdomain

 Creating an FTP account

Watch Movie Creating an FTP account

 Creating an MySQL database

Watch Movie Creating an MySQL database

 Creating an add-on domain

Watch Movie Creating an add-on domain

 Creating an autoresponder

Watch Movie Creating an autoresponder

 Creating custom error pages

Watch Movie Creating custom error pages

 Do you have a manual for our control panel?

Go to

 Do you have a tutorial section for cpanel?

Yes, Below are the most commone tutorials for cpanel. You can also see the full manual at CPanel...

 Enabling Hotlink Protection

Watch Movie Enabling Hotlink Protection

 I can't acces cPanel. What could cause this problem?

The main reason is you have a firewall blocking the port that cPanel is set to. In most cases...

 Installing FrontPage extensions

Watch Movie Installing FrontPage extensions

 Managing WebMail

Watch Movie Managing WebMail

 Managing a MySQL database in PHPMyAdmin

Watch Movie Managing a MySQL database in PHPMyAdmin

 Password protecting a directory

Watch Movie Password protecting a directory

 Redirecting Mail

Watch Movie Redirecting Mail

 Redirecting a URL

Watch Movie Redirecting a URL

 Using File Manager

Watch Movie Using File Manager

 Using Index Manager

Watch Movie Using Index Manager

 What is Fantastico?

Fantastico De Luxe is the leading auto installer for cPanel servers. With more than 10.000...

 Where do I go to login to my control panel?

You go to or http://yourIPaddress/cpanel if your domain name...