How can I change my sites MX to point mail to another server or domain?

If you wish to just point it to another domain do the following....

1. Log into your control panel
2. Click mail
3. Click "Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry)"
4. Put in of the domain you wish for it to go to.

If you wish to point it to another server using the same domain...

1. Log into your whm (if you are not a reseller you will need to e-mail to do it for you)
2. Click edit DNS zone
3. Pick the domain you wish to edit
4. Change the MX from to
5. should have the A entry of the external mail server ip address

Note: If you ever send mail from any sites that's on the same server where your site is hosted your external mail server will not receive the mail.
The reason for this is that a server will always try to send locally before it tries what the actual DNS zone points to. The way to fix this is to e-mail saying "
Please remove my domain ****.com from /etc/localdomains and add it to /etc/remotedomains

Only we are able to make this change for you.

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