Disk Space – Web Hosting Resources

Disk space refers to the amount of storage space your web host accords you on their server. The web pages, text, images and databases that you use on your website all require some place to keep them. The web host will aggregate all these and conveniently store them on their servers. The volume of disk space required will depend on the type of site you […]

Email Accounts – Web Hosting Resources

Every website needs email. You will need to put up a professional image and a domain based email is one way to do that. You will put up a more credible front if you have an email address based on your website instead if a free one like yahoo. Again, you will need to have different email address for various segments of your website. If […]

Reliability – Web Hosting Resources

You have designed the most elaborate and fantastic site of all times. You have uploaded the files successfully to your web host. You have placed several ads and have got many visitors to your site. You however wake up one morning to find out that just as your site was experiencing a boost in traffic, it goes down. This scenario is something every website owner […]

Server Type – Web Hosting Resources

A Server is a computer that serves web pages to web users. No matter what website type you run, you will need your pages to be stored on web servers. For this reason, you cannot ignore the features of the Server you intend to keep your files on for its capabilities will determine how you can host your web pages. Servers operate on strict technology. […]

Site Management Tools – Web Hosting Resources

No website remains the same. After the web designer has finished your website, it will then be your responsibility to do updates. You will need to change the images, remove old text, change the format, install new scripts or even offer downloads. All of these activities require elaborate administration. If you are a beginner or a non-techie, you will find the website management tool of […]

Security – Web Hosting Resources

If you are running a website that features a shopping cart or stores or processes sensitive information such as credit cards, social security numbers or bank accounts details, you will need to be concerned about security. Given the anonymous nature of the internet, you will need to assure yourself that every information processed at your website is safe and will not be divulged to malevolent […]

Technical Support – Web Hosting Resources

A website is hosted in anticipation that it will run smoothly and never encounter any problem but this supposition hardly materializes. On one or two occasions, we may need to contact our web hosts about a problem on our site. We may want to alert the techies of a problem they may not have noticed. At other times, we may want a service that is […]

Conclusion – Web Hosting Resources

Choosing a web host requires that you take an appraisal of your website, the technology used to create it, your web page elements and your future growth. You will also have to make room for emerging technologies and web trends. All of these scenarios require that you choose a web hosting provider with utmost care. You will have to first compile a list of all […]

Introduction – Web Design Resources

10 Must Have Resources for Building a Website Almost everyone needs a website today. Whether for commercial or personal reasons, you will stand to benefit a lot from a website. As a seller, you can market to millions of people across the globe with a website. You will be able to show your catalog and allow people to buy online without leaving their homes. You […]

HTML Editors – Web Design Resources

p>Html editors are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) applications that let you create web pages without having to know about programming or coding. You have all the available tools in a graphical format so you only point and click. HTML editors are quite popular with web designers for various reasons. They can create websites faster than hand-coded programs, so if you are […]

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