Introduction – Web Design Resources

10 Must Have Resources for Building a Website

Almost everyone needs a website today. Whether for commercial or personal reasons, you will stand to benefit a lot from a website. As a seller, you can market to millions of people across the globe with a website. You will be able to show your catalog and allow people to buy online without leaving their homes. You will have the benefit of updating your catalog without having to republish. For individuals, you can write about your hobby and share with others.

No matter how you use your website, you will require some tools to help you design, edit and load your files. You will have to get these resources to help you put together your text and images and neatly present them in a webpage form.

You will need tools to help you write your content. These resources will manage your text size, color and even style. You will need templates to give your website a consistent look. You will need scripts to ease routine tasks and make you do repetitive task. Visitors will need interactivity, and you will have to afford them that opportunity. Most importantly, you will have to obtain the functionality you want.

Web page design calls for simplicity in every aspect. Designers want ease of use and speed of implementation. Tools that help them do more in less time are welcome. Easy navigation will make your visitors want to use your site again.

This guide lists some of the must have resources every web designer must have and what function these resources perform. Care has been taken to illustrate each tool, define its role in web page creation and show how site designers can obtain them.

This resource also shows how web designers can achieve efficiency in their job through various tools, components and applications that are listed. Each tool or program is explained in great detail, and sources where they can be obtained.

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