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Scripts are small programs that help web designers do repetitive tasks or enhance the functionality of the website. Most of the time they help the web surfer undertake tasks easily at a website. If you have ever made an entry into a web guest book, you were probably using a script.

Figure 6. A website displays different types of free scripts that can be used to achieve various functionalities.

Scripts are usually available for free. You will just need to download them from one of many sites and put the code into your website. You do not need any programming or coding knowledge to be able to use scripts. You simply copy and paste them into the web page. They are very fast to deploy.
Scripts can be made with online generators. Generators accept your parameter inputs and then create the scripts to suit your preference. They will take input such as color preferences, font size and timing. Alternatively, you can choose from preset scripts. The choice will depend on the web designer and the activity he needs to perform.

Basically, there are scripts that will help you perform various tasks and add interactivity to your site. You can get scripts for creating menus, buttons, guestbook’s, time displays, display quotes, and many more.

If you are a web designer, you will want to obtain scripts that help your visitors bookmark the page they are viewing. This simple script and functionality will ensure that the next time they want to visit the page, they will not have to remember the URL. They simply visit their web browser bookmarks and then click to visit your page. You will get repeat visitors with this simple functionality. You may also be interested in the simple script that allows your visitors to print a text only version of your page. This way they can be able to print whatever text you have on your page without the pictures, another component that will make the pages shorter in print output.

Scripts afford web designers the ability to create complex functionalities for their websites without knowing about html or programming. They can instantly deploy elaborate and interactive functionalities which would otherwise take a programmer quite some time to do.

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