Building Blogs

Blogs originally started as online journals that enabled users to make posts about their daily lives. Later they became fully fledged websites favored by many because of its ease of management and deployment.

Basically, a blog is an easy to use website that allows speedy and simplified publishing of text and images onto the internet. They are mostly free on the Internet. There are several of them, including Blogger, Xanga, TypePad, and LiveJournal.

Blogs have thousands of attributes and features, but the most outstanding of them all is the ease and speed with which you can generate a website with them. Many people begin their online presence with a blog. The reason is simple. You don’t need any html or programming skills to deploy a blog. They are superbly fast to implement.

To obtain a blog, you can visit any of the provider websites and sign up for an account. That’s all you need. The next thing is to make entries into your blog. All posts you make are published instantly o the web. You don’t wait for any process to complete. You write, you click, you publish.

Figure 1. The blog dashboard showing the Title field, GUI buttons and Publish button.

The blog interface is designed to facilitate speedy entries. You go to your dashboard, which is the platform you use to manage the blog, and click on create a message, post a message or create an entry. The phrase differs from provider to provider, but they all refer to writing. You will be presented with a text box into which you will write the title of your post. The title is usually about 10 words long. After this entry, you will come to the body of the post. In this box, you will write all you want to. You are not limited in words length as in the title. You will have tools to enable you to bolden, italicize or otherwise format the text in any way you want. No html or coding is necessary. After the entry, you can click on Add Image text or icon to add an image to the blog. That’s it. You click Publish and your post is live. Your entry is immediately published to the net.

Blogs offer website owners a smart and quicker way to post information to the internet. If you are in a hurry and want to get your information onto the internet in minutes, blogs offer you a quick option. The intuitive and graphical nature of the blog also facilitates your entries and contributes to the overall expedited publication of information onto the internet.

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