Buying Web Hosting

A quickly designed website requires a quick host. Going about your hosting services can be quite bothersome. There are thousands of web hosts on the web and choosing one that will you give you speedy and efficient implementation of your website can be tricky.

We take a look at how to locate a good hosting service provider and get your website deployed on the net in minutes.

The first point is to choose a host that offers domain services as well. So you buy the address, then you deploy from the same company. Buying a domain name from one company and hosting it o another firm’s servers take as a lot of time and effort. For people hard pressed for time, this option may not be feasible.

Point number two is to look for a host that will offer you control panel – an easy to manage control panel. Code based interfaces take long to manage and will bog you down. Go for web hosts that will give you a graphical interface. One good choice is cpanel. Cpanel is a WYSIWYG tool for managing your website. No code, no programming or html knowledge is required. You just point and click.

Figure 5. A web host indicates it supports cpanel

If a web host requires extensive paperwork and sign up procedures to get you space for your files, you must avoid it. There are many that will let you buy your hosting in seconds and get your site going in that fraction of time as well. You only need an email address and you are given space to host your files.

For quick deployment of websites you would also have to get a hosting service provider who will map your hosting space to your domain name. With this service, you will only indicate during the purchasing process that you want to host the website on a domain you already own with the company. The wizard will then guide you through the process that will associate your domain name within the hosting you are buying. This way, you can deploy your site in one go instead of going though additional steps to configure your site to your new website address.

Getting your site off the ground quickly requires a web hosting service that is quick as well. Buy both services at one place and get your pages onto the internet in a matter of minutes, not days.

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