Conclusion – Web Hosting Resources

Choosing a web host requires that you take an appraisal of your website, the technology used to create it, your web page elements and your future growth. You will also have to make room for emerging technologies and web trends. All of these scenarios require that you choose a web hosting provider with utmost care.

You will have to first compile a list of all hosts that meet your need and then sift them down to the one that best meets your need at the least price. In determining your ultimate choice, you are considering several factors, such as customer response time, reputation, server uptime guarantee, security and reliability. You are going to choose a host that will give you value for money and at the same time make you retain your hard won customers.

You are going to look beyond the rhetoric of the web hosts. You are looking beyond their marketing gimmicks and rather applying all circumspection to make a wise choice. As part of your due process, you will want to visit forums which review web hosts and read about comments or complaints previous customer have about your prospective host.

You do not expect your website to run into trouble, but from time to time you may need the support of your host. Are they readily available? Does it take weeks to receive feedback from them? Which host will immediately resolve your issues? What tools do they have to address your complaints? Does the service provider offer its clients a web based chat where clients can quickly access technical support? Are they reachable by phone? You will have to consider all these features in your selection of a web host.

Be careful about sites that offer extremely low charges. Many times they are resellers or web hosts providing the service from their garages. They may not be able to guarantee the essential uptime and back up services you need for your site.

Again, read through the web host policy to take note of any obligations and responsibilities. You will want to avoid any site that has policies you do not agree to or that will be inimical to your website.

At the minimum a web host must provide you with a server space of 10mb, Cgi-Bin, a server uptime of 99%, three email accounts, FTP access, web based email, a user friendly control panel, free scripts and an interface to let you now your website statistics.

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