Content Marketing and B2B

Content marketing is a long-established strategy it has existed in one form or another dating back to the sixteenth century in items such as flyers and handbills. The concept has endured because it works; it’s simplicity itself. Content marketing, as it exists today, began in the late 90s as with the rise of the internet and has been extended in the last decade by the emergence of social media. You may question if the current manifestation of content marketing for business to business (B2B) companies is antiquated; in short, no.  It is necessary to know why content marketing is still crucial to your company’s success. Here are a few reasons why your business should be involved in content marketing.

Content Marketing Involves Likely Customers

The first thing to know in content marketing is who are the businesses to which your company wants to market. When you start on your B2B content marketing campaign, identify who your likely customers are. Create a profile for the types of businesses you want as customers. Use your best customer for research to understand why they continue to buy from your company. Once you have obtained the data, apply it to your customer profile.

Content Marketing Gives Your B2B Company Clear Goals

What is your business’s purpose in beginning a content marketing campaign? Is it to grow your brand? Are you seeking to enhance your SEO (search engine optimization) results? Do you want to send more traffic to your company’s site? Maybe you want to convert visitors to your website into paying customers. By starting a content marketing campaign, your goals will be sharply defined and will let your marketing department to pursue those goals.

Content Marketing Provides You with Tools to Achieve Your Goals

There are numerous tools available to aid you in content marketing.

Website Content

Website content is one of the most fundamental parts of today’s content marketing, yet still one of the most important. By producing, vital, engaging content will serve to drive traffic to your website. Be sure to use keywords that are relevant to the businesses you are focusing on, but don’t pack keywords by using an excessive amount of keywords in your content. Keywords that are irrelevant to the title of the content won’t attract the attention of Google or Bing. They have signals to recognize keyword packing and will punish your site for the practice. Ensure content is fresh to get return visits from likely customers. Using a blog is a great way to keep your content current. Your blog should be about industry-related topics that are relevant to the business you are targeting.

Website Layout

Make sure that your company’s website uses lively, agreeable colors that fit your company’s branding. Video and hero images are also a strong way to grab your potential customer’s attention. Use images and videos that don’t break your company’s branding rules.

Keep jargon to a minimum, but do use industry-related terms your target customers use. Be sure all wording also fits your company’s branding. Use professional looking and easy to read fonts.

Social Media

If your company doesn’t have social media accounts, it’s behind in the game. Social media is a powerful way to connect with potential customers and drive traffic to your site. Just like the content on your website, language, and images used should reflect branding guidelines. Pick a social media platform that is likely to reach your target demographic.

Back-linking to a post on your site will improve rankings on search engine results pages (SERP). Search engines crawlers take multiple links to a site in its consideration of SERP rankings.  Shares on social media also improve your SERP ranking; a higher number of shares improves results.

In Conclusion

Using all the tools at your disposal in content marketing, and knowing your target demographic means results will follow.

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