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Disk space refers to the amount of storage space your web host accords you on their server. The web pages, text, images and databases that you use on your website all require some place to keep them. The web host will aggregate all these and conveniently store them on their servers. The volume of disk space required will depend on the type of site you are running. If you have a simple site, you will need just 1 GB of data storage but a membership or a video site with hundred of thousands of users will need some 10GB or even more.

By necessity, every web host will offer some disk space, but the volume offered must match your website needs. You will particularly need a disk space service that allows you to upgrade to a bigger storage as your website grows. This way, you are assured that your site will be up and running as your membership site or video site grows.

Figure 4. A web host chart shoeing disk space plans
You may observe that the Premium plan offer the largest of disk spaces and invariably costs the most.
In calculating your disk space, you will have to take into account non-web page files, for example, you will need to consider the number of email accounts you will be holding. These are not necessarily web pages but do take up space as well.

You will need a bigger disk space for other reasons too. Your web pages will load faster if you have a bigger space. A large space means your pages will not be crammed on your site. They will be free and immediately available for download. Your site visitors will not have to wait for hours for your pages to appear. So a bigger disk space will help your website grow and become user-friendly as well.

Databases also take up a lot of disk space. If you have offered unlimited inbox capacities to your users or offered them large format personal homepages, then you would need to get extra size disk space.

The issue of disk space is crucial for website owners. You would want to make your website available at all times, you would want your users to experience a fast download of your site and even make their video stream interruptibly. All of these activities require large disk space. Be sure to check with the host you intent to sign up with if they have the amount of space you need. You will do yourself a great deal of good if you choose one with sizable storage so you can run your site smoothly.

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