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Every website needs email. You will need to put up a professional image and a domain based email is one way to do that. You will put up a more credible front if you have an email address based on your website instead if a free one like yahoo.

Again, you will need to have different email address for various segments of your website. If you run an e-commerce website for example, the customer service, sales, tech assistance and webmaster would need their own emails, so that issues related to each department are resolved quickly and conveniently.

Ultimately your web host must provide an elaborate email service so you can be able to administer your website with ease.
Aside from this, you will need to undertake several email operations of which the majority are reviewed here.

Email forwarding is something your webs host must offer. This service will enable you to receive your domain based email at your personal email. For example if your email address is, then when customers send you emails, you will get it at You will have the added convenience of looking at your corporate emails in your old and frequently used mailbox.

Figure 5. Part of a cPanel console showing email management tools of a web host

An auto responder is another feature you will find useful. It is a system offered by hosts that enables you to send predetermined messages to each mail that arrives in a certain box. You will need this capability f you need to send routine and repetitive messages from a certain email account.

Your web host must limit the amount of spam that gets into your mailbox. They must have scripts to prevent unsolicited mail. A common and free program is Spam Assassin which almost every web hoist provides.

Email services cannot be ignored in your search for a good web host. They enable you to streamline your communications to get yourself organized. Your prospective hosting provider must offer you that as part of their service.

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