Hosting Websites Using Web Builders

Web builders enable you to design and host websites within minutes. They have an easy to use interface that is similar to MS Word. You do not need any knowledge in programming or website design to build your pages. You just point and go. Getting a site ready in minutes would be a breeze with website builders.

Especially made for newbies and professionals who need to get their websites going in minutes and not days, website builders have WYSIWYG or GUI consoles from which you can manage all aspects of the design from text input to images insertions. You will not need a single line of coding. All you need to do is to launch the software and then type what you want.

Website builders have been built into various web hosting control panels. One of such tools is the Templates Express program found in cpanel. This software is actually part of the Fantastico suite that comes with all cpanel consoles. With this software, you can build websites within minutes. It helps you build websites within stressful programming. The program has over 56 web design formats from which you can choose the most appropriate one that meets your needs. You can launch the software from the same control panel that you use to manage your files, check your web stats and run scripts for your website. The Templates Express program requires no programming knowledge. Once you launch the program, you are walked trough a series of steps till you have your website launched. The wizard will be just a matter of point and click so you not waste any time at all.

Figure 6. A cpanel display of the Templates Express installation wizard

Another website builder you may want to try for quick website building is the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. It is a simple tool used to generate web pages in minutes. You just drag and drop the features you want for your website and you are ready to go with your web pages.  The interface and menus are arranged just like the ones we have in MS Word – graphical, simple and intuitive.  Coffecup has the capability of sending your webs files straight to your website if you are designing offline. After you have designed your website, you will not need to log in to your web host to load your files. From the program you can publish the website you just created to your hosting account.

Website builders help build sites in minutes. For novices and busy professionals, they serve as the ideal way to get online presence without much effort. They simply point and click and the get whole websites published. You don’t need to have any elaborate html skills. You only need the builder which can be managed online or offline and then you are set with your website. Web builders will assist you design several hundred web pages in minutes and the also help you upload them to the website in a matter of minutes.

For many people, web builders serve as the main means through which they can beat time, beat deadlines and beat price as well. You can try ours for free at

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