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A Server is a computer that serves web pages to web users. No matter what website type you run, you will need your pages to be stored on web servers. For this reason, you cannot ignore the features of the Server you intend to keep your files on for its capabilities will determine how you can host your web pages.

Servers operate on strict technology. In other words, each Server has its underlying technology which may match or not match your particular website. Fort this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you choose a host which Server will complement or enhance your web pages or overall website.
What sever type do you choose for you website? Well, the answer depends on many things, but for a simplified approach and to make decision making easier, we will group Server into two main types and then match each against known website technologies and features.

The two main types of Servers offered today are Windows and Linux based.
If your files are predominantly of .php extensions, you will need a Linux Server. If you need to configure your .htacess files, then you need this Server type as well. A website running mysql database will go for Linux Servers.

On the other hand, web pages made with Microsoft technology will need Windows Servers. Pages created with MS FrontPage, files ending with .asp 4extensions or databases running MS SQL technologies will all require Windows Servers.

Figure 7. Web hosting plan on the Windows platform

Figure 7 shows a Windows web hosting plan. You may want to note the FrontPage Extensions and components which are all Windows technologies.

The number of sites sharing a single computer is also important in the selection of your Server type. If you are concerned about security and its utmost performance, you may want to get a dedicated Server which will host your website on one PC. You will be able to run advanced or customized applications on this type of Server. With a shared Server you use the same IP and resources like other websites. This situation can result in blacklisting of your site if any of the other website owners engages in any fraudulent activities as websites are identified by the IPs they belong to.

The kind of Server you choose will depend on many factors. You will need to take a critical look at your website technologies and find the host that will match your needs accordingly.

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