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No website remains the same. After the web designer has finished your website, it will then be your responsibility to do updates. You will need to change the images, remove old text, change the format, install new scripts or even offer downloads. All of these activities require elaborate administration.

If you are a beginner or a non-techie, you will find the website management tool of your web host an indispensable part of your website site management. You will use it to go about complex programming tasks on your site.

A web host that offers site management tool will facilitate the undertaking of these tasks and make you do more in les time. An ideal website management tool will enable you to manage passwords and user names, manage files, manage page redirects and even images.

Figure 8 shows a website management tool that allows users to graphically administer their website pages. Note that you can delete, edit or moves pages from this console.

Figure 8. Website management tool

The site management tool that your web host offers must be very flexible to use. You will have to read the features of the tool and come to a conclusion if it is versatile. It must allow you to update your website from any where. It must feature a browser based interface. You should not install any special program on your computer to be able to use it. Again, it must be easy for novices to use. You can test drive the tool at the host’s website or read about its characteristic in detail. The site management tool offered by the host must be very fast to load. You would not want to wait forever to manage your site. The panel must be able to load very fast and display the tools in a very friendly way.

You will appreciate the need for a site management tool if you are, for example, running a site that has about 10,000 pages, and you need to make universal changes on all the pages. This situation will obviously need a central console that will quickly let you apply the modifications without necessarily downloading the entire site and then effecting the changes. You will not find the alternative of making the changes offline and then loading the site easier either.

The site management tool is a necessary part of every web host service. If you are going to choose a web space provider, you must get one that offers this feature so you can manage your web pages on a breeze. You will need the tool even if you are a professional as it is a time saving one. You will find this feature a time saving one and will complement the effectiveness of your update. You will need this tool if you are going hand over your website to a non-techie who will have to do frequent updates. You will make his job easier and ensure that consistent updates are carried out across the site harmoniously.

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