Web Design Trends for 2021

When was the last time your company’s website was updated?  If it’s been over three years, you should consider updating it. So if you are wondering what updating your website would look like, here are a few of the web design trends to consider in 2021.

Flat Design

The idea behind-flat design is a website that is clean and simple for improved display on smartphones and tablets. A website with too many bells and whistles will discourage mobile device users. In the last decade, the amount of traffic to websites accessed by mobile devices has grown exponentially thanks to the iPhone and Android. That growth has obviously affected web design. If you still haven’t optimized your site for mobile devices, you are only about nine years behind the rest of the internet. Mobile optimization is a must.

Flat design doesn’t just come down to the dimensions of minimalism and functionality. Look at as getting rid of clutter which will allow you to focus on the fundamentals of your site. When a customer doesn’t have to take time to sort through the clutter, it will improve their experience. Your customers will appreciate the open spaces and clean design.

Contrary to what you might expect, a flat design isn’t boring. You can still utilize vivid colors, interesting illustrations, uncomplicated images, and serif fonts in a way that is pleasing to the eye and will hold a user’s attention. Flat design also loads faster because there are no photographs such as a full-screen hero image.

Another aspect of flat design impacts you may not be aware of is SEO. Optimized websites are rewarded by search engines such as Google and Bing. Less really is more in the case of flat design.

Striking Typography

Aren’t web designers left unarmed without their photos and complex designs? No, just the reference point has changed. A single word using the right font can have a greater impact than a hero image on your homepage. Typography can communicate thoughts and can evoke emotional reactions, just like photos. It is also important in branding. Just look at the company logos everyone is familiar with such as Facebook, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart. Their font is instantly recognizable, which helps with brand recognition.

Expressive typography together with flat design produces compelling layouts. They will hold a visitor’s attention and last longer than traditional web design.

Custom Artwork

Custom artwork is a trend that has carried over from 2020 Web Designers are using artwork that is customized to their brand—utilizing illustrations or customized graphics that will convey the things that make your company unique. Artwork will help to improve the user experience while building customer awareness of your brand.

Vivid Colors

Just because flat-design is a trend doesn’t mean your website has to be boring. Strong, vibrant colors will seize a customer’s attention and won’t be a distraction. Vibrant colors with a few selections of artwork will declare who your company is while keeping your customer’s attention.

To Sum Up

So, if your site is current for 2008 but not 2021, think about using these trends. If you are unfamiliar with the specifics of web design or don’t have a web designer on payroll, don’t try doing it yourself. A reputable web design agency with the skill and knowledge of emerging trends will guarantee your website is on the cutting edge in 2021.

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