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You see them all the time on web pages. Animations are those moving images or text you see on most web pages. They enliven the site and help web designers to put more information in small space. They also help designers illustrate concepts.

Animations also present site designers with an easy way to display series of text, images or ads in very small space. You can have as many as hundred ads running in the space – they will just alternate.

You need animations to make your site look interesting. You will also need it if you are running ads.
You can create animations with standalone programs such as Dreamweaver, Animation Shop or even MS FrontPage. You will only need to input the pictures, logos or images, then the program will output the animation for you. Flash will also help you create high end sharp animations.

Figure 10. AS free online animation service
You can also obtain free animation from the web. You do not have to pay anything. You can use these animations on any website that you want.
There are websites that allow users to create their own animations. You will be able to download the resulting images and then use them on your site.
There are several formats of images. The format depends on the type of file they output. There are GIF animations and Flash animations. GIF animations are very simple but are of low quality as far as picture sharpness is concerned but they can also be played in any browser without additional plugin. Flash animations are sharper but will require add on software to b able to play in most web browsers.

You will need animations for your website fort several reasons. You will want to impress your visitors, illustrate a concept, rotate ads on your site or simply conserve space. Whatever the reason, animations will help you do more on your site.

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