Introduction – Web Design Resources

10 Must Have Resources for Building a Website Almost everyone needs a website today. Whether for commercial or personal reasons, you will stand to benefit a lot from a website. As a seller, you can market to millions of people across the globe with a website. You will be able to show your catalog and allow people to buy online without leaving their homes. You […]

HTML Editors – Web Design Resources

p>Html editors are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) applications that let you create web pages without having to know about programming or coding. You have all the available tools in a graphical format so you only point and click. HTML editors are quite popular with web designers for various reasons. They can create websites faster than hand-coded programs, so if you are […]

Website Templates – Web Design Templates

A template is a complete website without text. You may have come across templates in many applications, especially Microsoft, when you use it as a basis for creating various documents. Templates as they apply to web page design perform the same function: they give you a layout and format within which you create your webs pages. Templates have many uses. They allow you to create […]

Website Builders – Web Design Resources

A website builder is an interface that enables you to create web pages. It is usually hosted by a company or web host and you login to access it. They differ from standalone builders in many ways. Builders have less advanced capabilities, will work mostly online, have simplified GUI interface and will output their content to the web. They serve as the primary means through […]

Scripts – Web Design Resources

Scripts are small programs that help web designers do repetitive tasks or enhance the functionality of the website. Most of the time they help the web surfer undertake tasks easily at a website. If you have ever made an entry into a web guest book, you were probably using a script. Figure 6. A website displays different types of free scripts that can be used […]

Images – Web Design Resources

Collectively called graphics, images are the pictorial elements we see on a web page. Drawings, pictures, diagrams and even logos are all referred to as images. Images serve various functions on a website. They can help the designer illustrate a concept or point, or hey are used to display products and services. Images can also make a site carry more meaning. If your company trademark […]

Headers – Web Design Resources

Headers are integral parts of websites. There is no website without one. A header is the top part of every website you see. It is usually graphical in nature. A header could be animated or composed of static image. For the most part, headers serve as website titles. They contain the name or the business slogan of the website. It also announces the website to […]

Bulletin Board & Forums – Web Design Resources

A bulletin board, also called a forum, is an application that allows users to exchange messages and ideas on the internet. Users can write messages and have it posted to the board and respondents can do same. Almost every website has a bulletin board today. It serves as one of the means through which website owners can interact with their visitors. It also creates the […]

Banners – Web Design Resources

Banners are perhaps the first things everyone see when they visit a web page. They are usually static or animated graphics found at mostly the top page of the website. Some banners could be placed at the foot or somewhere in the page. Figure 9. A section of an online banner creation interface Banners are essentially a particular form of graphics, and serve as advertising […]

Animations – Web Design Resources

You see them all the time on web pages. Animations are those moving images or text you see on most web pages. They enliven the site and help web designers to put more information in small space. They also help designers illustrate concepts. Animations also present site designers with an easy way to display series of text, images or ads in very small space. You […]

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