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p>Html editors are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) applications that let you create web pages without having to know about programming or coding. You have all the available tools in a graphical format so you only point and click.

HTML editors are quite popular with web designers for various reasons. They can create websites faster than hand-coded programs, so if you are hard pressed for time, html editors come in handy. It also helps designers to deploy websites quickly. Almost every standalone html edit has an ftp program that can help you load your files to the Internet. These inbuilt ftp applications will organize your files for you so that you can minimize the errors that come with file uploading. Html editors ensure that you achieve consistency with pages. All the pages you create will have uniformity and that will make the site look professional.

Html editors have the added advantage been able to function if even if you are offline. You can therefore create pages with them and later connect onto the net and upload your files.

Figure 1. MS FrontPage, a popular graphical web design tool

These editors make the work of every website designer easy. The interface has tools to let you insert images into your page with great ease, and you will not have to know about graphics to do it. The program will just guide you through a wizard. You will also create your hyperlinks and text with a breeze. You will change your text style, size and color just as you would when using text editor.

Figure 2. Dreamweaver page creation and management tools. Notice how graphical each component is.

Html editors ultimately help you create web pages quickly, and also minimize the incidence of errors. You will also benefit from its GUI interface that works with icons. You just have to click the task the image represents and off you go.

Some of the most used html editors are Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Both have graphical user interfaces to help both beginners and professionals deploy functional and versatile websites. Within minutes you can create highly interactive websites and then launch them onto the web.

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