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A template is a complete website without text. You may have come across templates in many applications, especially Microsoft, when you use it as a basis for creating various documents. Templates as they apply to web page design perform the same function: they give you a layout and format within which you create your webs pages.

Templates have many uses. They allow you to create a website without having any web design layout knowledge. If you cannot create graphics yourself, templates will help you out, as each page comes with the right images to help you build your website. Most importantly, you are able to select templates and optimize the best graphics which enables to you carry out your web design activities easily.
If you want to create a website quickly and economically, you will need a template. Templates help you to create a website quickly and without challenges, such as deciding where to put what, as all that is done for you. Ultimately, the layout is done for you. Templates help you deploy websites quickly. You only put your text and then swiftly load them onto the web.

Figure 4. A web template. Note that it comes with all navigation and images. You only add text.

You can buy templates or get them for free, depending on what site you use. There are several sites on the web that sell templates, so, to help you choose a template, you must decide what color, text and image you wish to use on your website.
Whether you find a template for free or for sale, they come with everything you need to start your website. You will have the html files that will make up the various pages, images that you will use for your site, menus and fonts. When you download the template, you have everything optimized for your deployment. The pages you create will load quickly and your visitors will experience optimum browsing.

Templates provide an easy way to create websites. You will have the added benefit of incurring almost zero cost on their use. You have the same professional layout as any other site.

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