Web Design Trends for 2021

When was the last time your company’s website was updated?  If it’s been over three years, you should consider updating it. So if you are wondering what updating your website would look like, here are a few of the web design trends to consider in 2021. Flat Design The idea behind-flat design is a website... The post Web Design Trends for 2021 appeared first on Incend Media.

Blog Comments and Google Rankings

If you are looking to improve your SEO rankings consistently, having blog posts on your site is an excellent way to achieve that goal. You can infuse your blog posts with content relevant to your website along with effective keywords to be noticed by Google. There is, however, something you should be aware of, blog... The post Blog Comments and Google Rankings appeared first on Incend Media.

Do it Yourself SEO Analysis

Do it Yourself SEO Analysis. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any business in 2020 but is an absolute necessity for a business who is e-commerce based. Search engines are everything for e-commerce; there are no brick and motor locations with illuminated signs on a roadside for them. It is even becoming a... The post Do it Yourself SEO Analysis appeared first on Incend Media.

Content That Will Boost Your Local SEO

If you want to rank higher in your community and the surrounding area, the key is using content that will boost your local SEO. Before we get to content, some basics need to be employed for your content to have an impact on your local SEO. Take a NAP NAP is simply an anacronym for... The post Content That Will Boost Your Local SEO appeared first on Incend Media.

Load Speed is Crucial to a Website’s Success

Load Speed is crucial to a website’s success. Has your business invested employee hours and capital into assuring that your website contains both appealing content and dynamic, attention-getting graphics? All of the effort you put into your website will be for naught if it doesn’t load fast enough. We live in a time where people’s... The post Load Speed is Crucial to a Website’s Success appeared first on Incend Media.

Content Marketing and B2B

Content marketing is a long-established strategy it has existed in one form or another dating back to the sixteenth century in items such as flyers and handbills. The concept has endured because it works; it’s simplicity itself. Content marketing, as it exists today, began in the late 90s as with the rise of the internet... The post Content Marketing and B2B appeared first on Incend Media.

Introduction to Web Hosting – Web Hosting Resources

Choosing a web host is as important as the content you will put on the site itself. The success of your site will, to a large extent, depend on the versatility of your web host. In this guide, we take a look at services provided by web hosting companies and the features website owners should consider when making a choice. A web host is a […]

Bandwidth – Web Hosting Resources

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic allocated to a website. It is also called data transfer. As users visit and leave your website, they create traffic. This traffic represents wear and tear on the web host equipment so they charge website users accordingly. The more traffic you have for your website, the more bandwidth you will need. Sites that offer heavy applications such as chat, […]

Server-Side Functionality – Web Hosting Resources

Server side functionality refers to the ability of servers to execute programs that output onto web pages. They are scripts that reside on web servers and allow you to run interactive websites. For example, if you had a database of user names and passwords of all your website users, the program that offers the login authentication will be based on your server and not located […]

Control Panel – Web Hosting Resources

Another important feature to consider in your choice of web host is a control panel. A control panel is the platform from which you will manage all aspects of your website. This feature comes free with every web host and one that does not provide it to its customers must be a bad host.The control panel will make the administration of your website a breeze. […]

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